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Lloyd C. Chaser, Photographer

I started shooting landscape photography over 20 years ago while on
a two and a half month journey across the United States on board my
1979 CB650 Honda.  I traveled 9,687 miles; from Richmond, Virginia to
California, north to Oregon and back to Richmond.  This was an
experience that even after more than 20 years remains fresh in my
mind.  This was to be my “last hurrah” after finishing a masters degree
in social work and embarking on what has turned out to be a 30 year
career in social work.

Since my cross country journey, I have taken various trips and have
had a variety of opportunities to shoot what I see, and to shoot the
image the way I would like others to experience it.  In this time, my
interest in photography has become a passion as I continued to develop
my skills behind the camera.  My skill and technique have evolved over
the years until I find myself having moved, somewhat reluctantly into
the age of digital photography.  I have continued to evolve
stylistically and technically as I have explored other subjects and the
wonders of digital imaging.  This is of course an ongoing process for

I still enjoy working on refining and defining my self and the
photographic images that I enjoy shooting and sharing with others.  I
now make more and more excursions in order to find subjects to shoot. 
Most recently, I spent two weeks in New Zealand, exploring the south
island for two full weeks.  Next, it seems I will find myself on a
cruise to Alaska.  My next trip will hopefully be either Ireland and/or
Scotland.  In the mean time, I will continue to explore the rich
Virginia country side.

- Lloyd C. Chaser

L. Chaser pHOTOGRAPHS News


April 25, 2010

With my solo exhibit at art6 and Fool for Art at JTCC behind me, my next show will likely be Arts Around the Lake at U of R in September.  I do hope some of you made it to both of these events.  I had on display my new images from our February snows.  Quite exciting and fun to shoot and well, I do like the result.  In the mean time, the excitement at art6 continues.  shop6 is slowl being “converted” to a permenant member’s gallery.  Be on the look out for more of my work there.  First Fridays continue to be an exciting venue as well, so come by then, too.  Thanks for stopping by here.  Lloyd

Little new to report for L. Chaser pHOTOGRAPHS.  I will be in a show at the St. Mathias Episcopal Church in Midlothian.  This is part of their annual fine art series presentation.  Their series starts in January, 2010.  My show will take place on February 20 corresponding with a performance by the Richmond Symphony Woodwind Quartet.   I do look forward to the concert but also look forward to this first show of 2010 for L. Chaser pHOTOGRAPHS.  Thanks and I hope to see you there!


Be on the look out for the 2010 date for Arts Around the Lake at the University of Richmond.